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GTS unique features

The main thing users need to know about the GTS is that it is a unique serial wheelchair in the world, which can not only move on flat surfaces but also climb stairs. The GTS improves users’ accessibilities, allows them to climb and descend standard stairs, move around the city, travel to other countries, to enjoy the life!

While designing the wheelchair, all particular characteristics of different building construction were taken into account. The GTS can ride the stairs with the ascending angle up to 40 and steps up to 20 cm high.

GTS dimensions – Width 65cm and Length 95cm - allow to climb stairs with a width of 70cm, to turn around on the staircases with dimensions of 100x100 cm, to get into rooms with a width of the entrance up to 70 cm.

Wheelchair width
65 cm
Wheelchair length
95 cm
Minimum width for passage
70 cm
Turning space
100 х 100 cm

When driving in the city GTS can overcome single obstacles up to 8 cm high or curbs up to 20 cm high.

GTS allows users to climb and descend on surfaces with an angle of inclination of up to 15°, with a side roll up to 13°.

The speed of the GTS - up to 8 km/h on wheels on a smooth flat surface and up to 0.8 km/h when tracks are used for climbing or descending.

Depending on the type of battery chosen, the GTS can overcome up to 20 km on a single battery charge - this is sufficient for daily activities, and fast mode of charging allows users to keep battery in good shape.

With the back of the seat lowered forward the height of the GTS is 78 cm - this allows the wheelchair to be driven into most cars of “station wagon” type. GTS weight is 98 kg. With the help of folding floor boards the GTS can be driven into the boot by one person.

The wheelchair is accepted for transportation in the baggage compartments of airplanes and coaches; it is possible to travel on it in trains and ferries.

The standard wheelchair model is designed for users weighing up to 120 kg. For users, whose weight exceeds the specified, individual design may be available in made-to-measure mode.


Brake system and blackouts

The GTS is equipped with electro-magnetic brakes that provide complete blockage of movement in case of accidental or forced blackout.

When the wheelchair blackouts it will be transferred to manual transport mode, as the design provides special transport handles.

Safety belts

At the user's choice, the GTS is equipped with 2- or 4-point seat belts and lateral body support, which allow the user to remain securely in the chair.

Headlights, mirrors and horn

Headlights, front and rear navigation lights, and side deflectors allow users to be fully visible in the darkness and give sufficient enlightening to distinguish objects or obstacles.

The wheelchair is equipped with a horn

Rear-view mirror assists both when changing direction and climbing stairs in reverse.

Stair climbing

Built-in gyroscopes automatically keep the user in a horizontal position, independently orienting the wheelchair according to the ascending angle of the stairs.

The unique 4-tracked GTS scheme guarantees that the wheelchair will not roll off spontaneously when moving upstairs.

Error control

Special protection against errors will not allow the user to make critical maneuvers while moving up or down the stairs and on flat surfaces. If the user intends to make a clearly erroneous maneuver, the GTS will warn the user with an audible signal and a message on the control panel display. If all warnings fail, the GTS stops automatically. The low center of gravity, together with security system, will not allow the wheelchair to rollover, even if the user makes mistakes.

Operation in sub-zero temperatures

The GTS can be operated at a wide gap of temperatures - from -20°C up to 40°C, whether it rains and snows, which make it suitable for most weather conditions typical for the EU countries.


The GTS has pneumatic wheels that provide extra smooth movement and offer good fraction.

The duplicated rear wheel travel sensors allow to control the movement of the wheelchair highly accurately.

The sensitivity of the joystick of the control panel and the maximum speed can be adjusted to user needs, which allows the user to choose the optimal mode.

The multifunctional control panel supplies the user with all information needed, such as the selected driving mode, speed, driving capacity reserve, battery charge level, temperature, technical problems - and allows to control the wheelchair with one hand.