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Despite the efforts of the state and society, people with disabilities still have problems while moving in variant environments. The entryways of houses, which are not equipped with lifts, stairs in public buildings, high curbs – all this limit social life, job opportunities and self-realization.

We can solve many of these problems with the help of the GTS urban transformer wheelchair, which is able to move confidently and independently in city streets, climb and descend stairs, overcome curbs and other obstacles.

Designed by graduates of the Novosibirsk State Technical University in cooperation with the Skolkovo Innovation Centre (Russia, Moscow), our GTS has already been used in cities of Russia, the European Union, India and Singapore since 2016.

Today Cityw Europe sells GTS, provides training and guarantees full technical support in all the countries of the EU.

Buying GTS from Cityw Europe you get:

— EU certified armchair
— best price
— fast delivery
— European warranty
— service support
— buyback from seat customers sold by Cityw Europe